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Our Story

"Ruby" as she is affectionately known by her owners, was built in 1968 by Peter Pirsch and Sons Co. in Kenosha, Wisconsin. From the day she left the factory, she proudly served the city of South St. Paul, MN. She retired after 30 years of service and was sold multiple times where she was eventually found in a field, in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities.


In 2016, a South St. Paul couple were blessed with the opportunity to bring her back home to South St. Paul, where she belongs.

Ashes Fire Truck was created to provide a unique experience on a vintage 1968 Pirsch Fire Truck. The pumper and holding tank have been removed to accommodate passengers allowing for an opportunity of FUN! Imagine pulling into your destination with lights and sirens to announce your arrival. Ashes Fire Truck provides a safe environment with a professional driver and safety spotters.


Factory Photo - 1968


Current Photo - 2018

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